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Here is what are clients are saying about us:

Our previous Practice Management System offered very little software support in comparison to the support we receive from Medcomp. Their support staff are always pleasant and very helpful. You can always count on expedious progress for your hardware and software needs. The variety of programs available is great. We are very pleased with the Medcomp System and look forward to continuing our relationship.
-Ira P. Woletsky, MD
Suffolk Pediatric Associates, P.C.

I recall asking if Medcomp Systems could seamlessly convert patient information; customize report writing functions by doctor and specialty; breakout the bulk-bill and produce a tremendous volume of patient statements, HCFA's, Workers' Compensation forms and patient notes; bill, re-bill and track all the financial transactions and the accounts receivable for various payors including self-pay, commercial insurances, Medicare, Medicaid, no-fault, worker's compensation and corporate accounts. Your answer was always the same, "we can do that!" It was that "can do" attitude that sold us and keeps us continually satisfied with your services and products. Your people always seem to be there for us to get the job done. That relationship is what has kept us loyal to Medcomp over all the years.
-Newark Airport Medical Offices

Anytime there has been a change in any State or Federal Law, whether HIPPA compliance, electronic claims submission or workers' compensation forms, Medcomp has always been there to take care of our needs. Truly, we have looked at many software vendors over the years for our multi-specialty, high volume practice, but the solution for us has always been Medcomp.
-John Dellorso, M.D.

We were extremely pleased with our system upgrade. Delivery was on time, and your staff assistance was a demonstration of expertise. As users of the Medcomp System since 1989, we rely on your software and service, and we appreciate that they are always there for us. Medcomp's depth of support, including after hours assistance should be a MUST HAVE CRITERIA for any medical office to select a computer company. We anticipate your products will keep pace with our growing needs to "manage" managed care.
-Lewis A. Roberts, M.D.

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