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Front Desk Problems?

Studies have shown that the biggest bottleneck as well as the least efficient operation in most medical practices is the front desk.

In addition to requiring speed and flexibility (and understanding), persons working the front desk are under stress to ensure patient privacy, promote quick patient flow, handle scheduling, document patient visits, work toward HIPAA compliance, document vists for insurance and handle the needs of multiple providers, among others.

And, any shortfalls in each of these areas mean lost income, potential liability or at the very least, gaping inefficiencies.

Now, a medical group has found a solution, with a simple, complete, easy-to-install-and-learn digital signature/capture system, and is offering it to fellow practitioners.

Whether your problem is patient
privacy, digital signature
capture, legal eclectronic documents, improved
scheduling, patient recall,
HIPAA compliance, insurance
audits, risk management, or
security, Sign in Solutions has
an affordable and easy to use
problem solve for you.

Just imagine! A new and
improved Front Desk
Operation which:

Works with current software and popular programs now being used in 99% of practices.

Questions You Should Be Asking:

1. Am I getting informed consent from my patients?

2. Do I have permission to call my patients if they miss an appointment.

3. Have my patients acknowledged my HIPAA privacy policy?

4. Can my staff easily provide proof to third partly payers that a patient was treated in my office on a particular day?

5. Is there an easy ay to obtain permission from my patients in situations where a HIPAA violation may be inevitable?

6. Would increased front desk efficiency make my patients happier and put more money in my pocket?

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