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HIPAA & CCHIT Certified Electronic Medical Record System
Our products have been certified for HIPAA through a third-party consultant for all aspects pertaining to electronic medical records.

Doctors choose
& use our software
Software does not impact the bottom line of your practice unless it is taken out of the box and used. Our Product is the electronic medical record that physicians buy for themselves to help manage their practice.

The product we provide is one of the most flexible Electronic Medical Record packages on the market today. Templates and other medical content objects have been designed for complete control by the physician.

We listen to our clients
Many of our new features start as ideas from present customers. Some are just little tweaks to improve efficiency, while others are completely new feature concepts that add to the overall design of the electronic medical record.

Best Service Value on the Market
A better electronic medical record value is hard to find. We have the features that will make your practice more efficient at a price that any practice, large or small, should be able to swallow. Most clients see a return on their investment within 6-12 months of implementation.

The functionality of our products are second to none. The products we have designed contribute no compromise between ease of use and powerful functionality. This innovative design allows users to benefit from electronic medical records regardless of their computer proficiency.

Secure and Reliable
At its core, our product utilizes a secure and reliable SQL database to store your patient data. Password protection, limited accessibility licensing and audit trails have been put in place to ensure the safety of your medical records.

Medical records are instantly accessible to every licensed user through the office network. Past notes and medical history can be scanned quickly by the physician as opposed to flipping through countless old notes to review the patient's history.

The intuitive "point-and-click" design of our product is quickly adopted by medical and office staff alike. Consistent use and placement of icons make it one of the simplest systems to use.

Our product makes short work of repetitive office tasks like referral letters, patient instructions, SuperBill statements and more. Clients report that they are able to get more done and spend more time with their patients.

SuiteMed Corporation has years of EMR design experience, and our product proves itself to over 2,500 medical clinics nation wide, every working day.

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