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Complete integrated physician's office management system:

1. Appointment scheduling: Office, Personal Appointments etc. List daily schedule by doctor, location, etc... List schedule by patient name to pull charts. View 10 doctors' schedules on the screen or view one doctors schedule for up to 10 days on one screen!

2. Patient registration including auto chart labels (keeps physical charts updated with same info that is in computer), folder labels and address labels.

3. Patient checkout including auto superbill/receipt printing and recall processing.

4. Print HCFA, Workers Compensation-C4 & PT4, No Fault-NF3 forms and Electronic billing to MEDICARE, MEDICARE/GHI, BLUESHIELD, MEDICAID, GHI and hundreds of other commercial carriers.

5. Print Day Sheet, and transactions by patient including incomplete transactions ie patient was seen but charges not posted. Details all no shows, cancellations, rescheduled appointments for that day.

6. Store diagnosis and services for statistical reporting.

7. Print patient statement on Laser, mailers or send electronically.

8. Print missed appointment recalls daily.

9. Post any movies received through the mail. Medicare posted electronically.

10. Create insurance forms for secondary insurance automatically when payment from first insurance is posted.

11. Print all outstanding monies by the financial class, carrier and by the aging groups, i.e. great than 30 days, 60 days, 90 day, 180 days. Print true account receivable not amounts billed which are usually inflated.

12. Insurance follow-up report or letters are produced at your request for all unpaid insurance claims that are older than you specify. The report is sorted by carrier so it can be either faxed to the carrier or used to access the carrier by phone or the internet.

13. Print daily routing forms also known as encounter forms customized for your office that are used to list all past charges (like your patient ledger card) and also used to determine what services are performed on the patient today.

14. Store, Track & Print Prescriptions, Diagnosis and Allergy Information.

15. Customize your form printing to a laser printer, i.e. C4, Superbills etc... Admit forms.

16. Managed Care Module including referral tracking, capitation etc... Links to appointments to let patient know if date chosen is in referral period and if there are any visits left in previous referral. Visits are automatically deducted when patient posted.

17. Store immunizations and produce immunization forms for camps, schools, etc... The immunization record is automatically updated when patient service is posted.

18. Transcription letters, reports, narratives etc... can be automatically linked to the patient demographic screen from popular word processing software such as Microsoft Word and WordPerfect.

19. Workers Comp & No Fault: When you print your C4, PT4, or NF3 forms for a requested date range, the computer will also automatically print the matching narratives or op-reports in the same order for easy collating.

20. The patient ledger is automatically updated whenever you submit an insurance claim, insurance inquiry, patient bill or recall so you always have a detailed history for the carrier or patient.

21. The Patient ledger also displays all service, payments, adjustments, notes and details carrier names and addresses check numbers, icd codes used, referral numbers etc... in a very complete format that is easy to read and understand. You can even color code the transactions ie services in white, money in green, adjustments in red and notes in light-cyan. This makes it even easier to read the ledger.

22. You can enter limitless notes on the patient ledger and link it to a specific date of service. You can also have the note stored automatically in your personal follow up file that will remind you to check if the patient or carrier did in fact do what they told you they were going to do. The note can also be printed on the patient bill to remind them what they had promised you.

23. Electronic Medical records and Scanning is available.

24. Insurance note screen which details specific instructions and rules for a specific carrier will automatically "pop up" for your staff when making appointments, or at patient registration and patient posting. This insures that your staff informs your patients and handles the insurance carriers rules correctly which will make sure that the doctor is paid for services rendered.


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